Go on an eco-responsible luxury cruise on a catamaran

This is the ultimate dream: going on an eco-friendly cruise onboard a luxury catamaran with Marine Vela. Let’s embark right away on an excursion designed by two sea lovers.

Marine Vela is the perfect mix between eco-responsibility and luxury travel to explore the most beautiful destinations around Corsica, Sardinia and the French Riviera.

Who created Marine Vela?

Marine Vela is the story of 2 sailing enthusiasts, Halim Mazouni and Philippe Parent. After sailing together for many years, they decided to share their love for catamaran travel by starting their own company together back in 2006.

After 14 years of experience, Halim and Philippe, along with their very passionate team, have made Marine Vela the ideal choice for a successful vacation. The catamaran rental company is also committed to protecting the environment.

Catamaran cruises in the Mediterranean Sea

Marine Vela offers tailor-made rentals: travelers can design their dream cruise to suit their preferences: duration, destinations, etc. Going on a cruise with Marine Vela is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful weather, the sea, fun activities and gorgeous landscapes in the Mediterranean Sea. This idyllic trip is luxurious and will take you to many preserved destinations.

Itineraries in Corsica

Many itineraries are available on one of our luxury catamarans:

You also have the option to design your own personalized itinerary with the help of one of our team members.

Rent a luxury catamaran to go on a tour of Sardinia

Our itineraries around Sardinia are very popular amongst diving and wilderness enthusiasts. We offer :

We also offer personalized itineraries at your request: design it yourself in collaboration with one of our advisors.

Sail the French Riviera on a catamaran

Start your cruise in the south of France, an idyllic place, a coast full of wonders from Marseille to Italy. Leave from Hyères, St-Tropez or the Phocaean city and explore breathtaking nature reserves during an incredible week:

If you are looking for a shorter but intense cruise:

Finally, if you are in need of a break to forget all about your everyday life, you can go on a shorter cruise and enjoy an exceptional 2-day trip that will take you to the most beautiful rocky inlets and creeks in the area:

If you are up for an adventure, you can also design your own cruise with our team.

Luxury travel and sustainability

Marine Vela joins sustainability and sea tourism together. During their excursions, Halim and Philippe had many opportunities to observe the environment around them, and over the years, they saw the fauna and flora deteriorate around them.

For the 2 men and Marine Vela, protecting the natural world is the number one concern. Every day, Halim and Philippe strive to promote green tourism and preserve biodiversity.

To do so, Marine Vela works with a team of professional skippers. Each of them is working to get the government-recognized High-Quality Whale-Watching® certificate, which aims at encouraging the implementation of good practices and sustainable know-how by whale-watching operators involved in initiatives fostering quality and environmental responsibility.

The rental company also offers services from private chefs, who get their supplies directly from local farmers. Marine Vela is an eco-friendly company which strives to offer luxurious services, personalized trips, high-quality experiences and the highest comfort to spend a dreamy vacation with family and friends.

Personalized cruises to sail away

For Halim and Philippe, offering tailor-made experiences is very important. Customers can  design their own itineraries freely in collaboration with their skipper.

Getting the catamaran ready according to your wishes

Before departure, Marine Vela reviews the customers’ requests in order to get the ship ready. Cruises usually last between 3 days and 2 weeks, but the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to the duration of the trip and its itinerary, Marine Vela gives its customers a lot of freedom and lets them design their own personalized cruise depending on their wishes.

The Marine Vela ships: Sérénité, Liberté, Éternité

Marine Vela’s fleet is composed of 3 catamarans, each one having very different features. Our boats, Sérénité, Liberté and Éternité have very meaningful names. On board, you will be able to explore the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean Sea in an eco-responsible way:

  • SÉRÉNITÉ, the Lagoon Fly 52, has 8 beds, 5 cabins and 2 crew members to accompany you. This 16-meter high ship has state-of-the-art equipment. The outdoor area is very spacious, thanks to the shape of the hull. Sérénité is the perfect ship for sunbathing, making it the ideal choice for relaxation enthusiasts.
  • ÉTERNITÉ, the Lagoon 450, has 8 beds, 4 cabins and 1 crew member sailing the ship. This 14-meter high catamaran is the smallest one we have at Marine Vela and offers a very comfortable environment with 4 spacious cabins. This boat can also accommodate a private chef onboard, but keep in mind that in this case, the guests capacity would drop from 8 to 6.
  • LIBERTÉ, the Lagoon 500, is a 15-meter high ship, with 8 beds and 5 cabins. It has air conditioning and all the necessary equipment to have a very pleasant cruise. This catamaran was built in 2010 and has a high-performance hull. 

If you want to learn the basics of sailing during your next vacation, we offer it all: luxury and high-range services.

Premium services on the catamaran

On the catamaran, a dedicated crew offers premium services:

  • A skipper to sail the boat and show you around the most beautiful spots and gems of the Mediterranean (some of them are well-kept secrets!) 
  • A chef will be available as well to make all of your meals, from breakfast to dinner.

Enjoy delicious meals prepared with local produce while admiring breathtaking views. The chef will also cook fresh caught fish.

Varied and interesting activities

Are you looking for relaxation or adventure? During the day, many activities appropriate for all ages will be available on the catamarans:

  • Fins, masks and snorkels for snorkeling;
  • Sea kayaking;
  • Paddle boarding;
  • Wing Surfing;
  • Etc.

Our commitment and great partnership with the Pélagos expeditions

Marine Vela stands by Greg Lecoeur’s side during his naturalist expeditions. Starting from September 2022, Marine Vela catamarans will sail away with the Pélagos Expeditions crew onboard. The goal is to:

  • Improve knowledge and introduce Mediterranean biodiversity to people;
  • Promote the Pélagos Sanctuary;
  • Highlight the importance of protecting marine mammals;
  • Raise people’s awareness of the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea.

Through this mission, Greg Lecoeur wishes to fill our minds with wonders by showing us the abundance and the fragility of the Mediterranean seabed. This non-profit makes sense for Marine Vela: the preservation of biodiversity is our number one goal!

Let’s dive in! Come join us on one of our ships for an unforgettable trip! Are you dreaming about owning your own boat? In Corsica or the French Riviera, invest in a model and let us do all the hard work! Our skippers will take and guide you on this incredible adventure. Furthermore, they have permission to sail close to the Pélagos Sanctuary, a place where marine mammals can thrive: whales and dolphins are waiting for you!

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