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Catamaran cruise in Sardinia

Not as popular as Corsica, Sardinia is still a great place to explore by sea and is full of hidden gems. Marine Vela offers different tours around Sardinia. On board one of our luxury catamarans, you will be able to reach the north-eastern and north-western parts of the Italian island from Ajaccio (Corsica). Consisting of dozens of islands and nature reserves, Sardinia is a true tourist paradise. Snorkelers and tourists looking to relax can enjoy crystal blue water and beautiful white sand beaches. Sardinia is also known for its rich cultural history and delicious local cuisine, which can be discovered during layovers. What are you waiting for? Set sail on one of our catamarans for a cruise around Sardinia!

North-east Sardinia, 1-week itinerary

Marina Vela takes you on a catamaran cruise around the north-eastern part of the gorgeous island of Sardinia. You will be able to admire this Mediterranean gem from the ship, but also enjoy several layovers all around the island. Your days will be filled with relaxation, sunbathing on white sand beaches and diving into crystal clear blue water. This tour on our luxury catamarans offers extraordinary scenery.

North-west Sardinia, 1-week itinerary

Departing from Ajaccio, this tour explores the north-western side of Sardinia and Asinara National Park. After several stops in South Corsica, we will set sail to Cala d’Arena. During the journey between Corsica and Sardinia, you might spot some dolphins and other marine mammals! At Marina Vela, our skippers are experienced and know how to get close to them and help you enjoy the spectacular view without putting the animals in danger.

North-west Sardinia, 4-day itinerary

From the port of Ajaccio, you will set sail for a 6-hour journey to the north-western side of Sardinia. We will then drop anchor at Cala d’Arena where you will be able to enjoy water activities. Our catamarans provide all the equipment you might need! You will then head south to marvel at the blue water at rada dei fornelli.

Custom Sardinia tour from 4 days to 3 weeks

Marina Vela offers you the possibility of building a custom tour in Sardinia, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

A member of the Marina Vela team will contact you to discuss with you and offer you several navigation circuits in Sardinia according to your expectations and the time of your cruise. Visit of western and eastern Sardinia, tour of the island, southern Corsica and northern Sardinia, Marina Vela will meet all your desires.