Enjoy incredible moments

Marina Vela experiences

Enjoy unforgettable moments with Marine Vela. We can organize trips with a theme, over 1 or several days. For each event, we carefully get our boats ready and hire an experienced crew to offer high-quality services. Don’t wait any longer, and enjoy our experiences.

Dinner in an anchoring area

Enjoy your evening watching the sunset in an anchoring area, while you eat a delicious dinner made by a private chef. You will leave the port in the late afternoon, and your skipper will take you to the closest bay or creek to drop anchor for the evening. You will be back at the port by 10:30pm and will be able to discover the joys of sailing by night. This experience is available for up to 8 people, only in the evening.

Fireworks night

Come aboard a Marine Vela catamaran for a fireworks night. You will set sail in the early evening and head to the fireworks area. A buffet will be served, as well as a large selection of cocktails, so you can enjoy an unforgettable evening. When the fireworks are over, your Marine Vela skipper will head back to your starting point. Fireworks nights can accommodate up to 11 people, only on fireworks days.

Fishing day

Marine Vela takes you on a memorable sea fishing adventure. Spend a day or several days on a Marine Vela catamaran looking for fish of the Mediterranean sea. Tuna, ricciola fish, skipjack, swordfish, barracuda, bluefish, common dentex, there are many species to discover. Our skippers absolutely love fishing and they will take you to the very best spots. You can be accompanied by a private chef who will cook the fish caught that day. Our crew knows how to fish in a sustainable way. They will show you how to release a fish safely, if needed. Our team will also give you a document that will help you learn how to fish in an eco-responsible way and give you some rules on marine conservation. This experience is available for up to 8 people.

Sailing course

The Marine Vela team offers a sailing course to teach you the basics of sailing. You want to rent a boat without a skipper, or even own one? Marine Vela can teach you how to sail a 15-meter long catamaran.

Boat maneuvering, sailing, boat maintenance, rules at sea… Our skippers have many years of experience and are always willing to share their passion. This experience takes place in the course 3 days minimum and can accommodate up to 8 people.

Yoga cruise

Set sail for a yoga experience with Marine Vela. For 2 days or up to 1 week, Marine Vela takes you on a cruise to relax. A yoga instructor and a private chef will accompany you during this experience. Your skipper will take you to a different beach every morning for your yoga class and your chef will make you healthy meals. In the evening, meditation under the stars will be offered. You will end this cruise completely calm and confident. This experience can accommodate up to 6 people.

Cetaceans and marine wildlife watching

Come aboard one of our eco-responsible catamarans for a trip to watch cetaceans in their natural habitat. You will leave the port to go out at sea, to the Pélagos Sanctuary. You have the option to ask for the services of a private chef and the famous underwater photographer Greg Lecoeur, who will teach you everything he knows about the marine life. Our skippers are trained to get close to the cetaceans without disturbing them. You will leave this trip with many memories. This experience can accommodate up to 6 people.

Tailor-made events

Marine Vela gives you the opportunity to plan your own personalized event on one or several luxury catamarans. Set sail for an afternoon or several days to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, a honeymoon or a party. Our skipper, a private chef or a musician can accompany you on your trip. If you have any request, tell us everything in detail. Contact us now!