The Marine Vela Fleet

You can sail on a catamaran with Marine Vela to explore the beautiful landscapes of Corsica, Sardinia or the French Riviera. Each one of our boats offers unique equipment and layout. Here are the details of our luxury and eco-friendly catamaran fleet at your disposal, so you can choose the perfect one for your cruise.

Lagoon 52F

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Lagoon 450

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Our catamaran rentals can be booked by going on the  “Reservation” page of our website. A skipper will accompany you on the catamaran you choose to help you have an unforgettable experience. The Sérénité and the Liberté can accommodate a private chef onboard, who will make all of your meals from scratch using local and seasonal produce. This service is also available on the Eternité if you have a group of 6 people or less.

Sérénité Lagoon 52F

Flagship of the Marine Vela fleet, the Sérénité is spacious and can adapt to anything. The exterior layout is perfect if you want to spend a relaxing trip, as the Sérénité offers an amazing sunbathing experience. The 4 cabins can each accommodate 2 people, and have great natural lighting thanks to the big rectangle portholes. Every cabin has a private bathroom and toilet, as well as a separate shower.

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Eternité Lagoon 450F

Eternité is the smallest catamaran in the Marine Vela fleet. It can accommodate 8 people, and is still quite spacious thanks to the modern-shaped hull. It has 4 double beds with a private toilet in each cabin. The skipper stays in the bow and has his own bathroom. If you need the services of a private chef during your stay on the Eternité, you have to come with a group of 6 people or less in order to leave some room to accommodate the extra crew member.

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Liberté Lagoon 500

The Liberté is a 15 meter-long Lagoon 500. Built in 2010, the Liberté has a molded hull, making it a very performant sailing boat. This catamaran is the obvious choice if you want to learn more about sailing during your cruise. When it comes to the layout, the Liberté has 4 cabins that can accommodate 2 people each, including two with separate showers. The crew stays in a little cabin on the starboard side. This boat also has a big exterior table that can sit up to 10 people comfortably.

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