The Éternité

Hoist the sails and enjoy your trip on the Eternité. Explore Corsica, Sardinia or the French Riviera on board this comfortable and eco-responsible catamaran. Your skipper will work hard to make your vacation unforgettable. This Lagoon 450 F is a spacious catamaran. Learn more about this 14-meter long boat.


Catamaran Eternity

A well thought out catamaran

The Lagoon 450 F Eternité is a stunning catamaran rental. It is spacious and has a very roomy deck, living room and cabins, while being small enough to be sailed by a single experienced skipper. It can accommodate a big family or 4 couples and offers all the equipment that you would expect in a 50+ feet catamaran. Marine Vela adapted the boat to be more sustainable and protect the environment.

A bright and convenient interior

The Lagoon 450 living room is big, convenient and spacious. There is a lot of space to cook your meals in the well-equipped kitchen, which has everything you could need during a 1+ week-long cruise, even if you decide to ask for the services of a private chef. Inside, your family will have more than enough space to gather, share meals, play board games and relax. Thanks to the big portholes spread all around the living room area, you will be able to witness the beautiful views, even when you are inside.

Hotel worthy cabins

The cabins in the Lagoon 450 F are modern, clean and comfortable. The 2 bedrooms located in the back of the boat have island beds. The bedrooms located in the front are a little bit different, but offer the same amount of space, which is a luxury in a 14 meter-long boat. The ship has 4 spacious bathrooms with separate showers. Each cabin has a closet for you to organize your belongings.