Marina Vela luxury yacht rental

About us

Marine Vela is the story of two lovers of the sea: Halim and Philippe.

Philippe is a professional skipper. Along with his shipowner friend, he decided to share his love for catamaran travel by creating Marina Vela in 2006.

Both men strive to offer a tour around Corsica in catamarans on luxury sailing ships. Despite sailing around the island of Corsica in catamarans, they offer luxury cruises and tailor-made services to their customers. Whether it is the Éternité, the Liberté or the Sérénité, each catamaran provides :


A welcoming living space


Excellent facilities


High-end services

If you have a thing for beauty and French luxury, you will be amazed by our catamaran cruises. They combine comfort and perfection. With 14 years of experience in luxury catamaran rentals, the Marine Vela team will strive to offer a fascinating experience, including heavenly spots and delicious food.

Dream destinations
Satisfied dreamers
Years of experience

Enjoy amazing food on a Marina Vela catamaran in Corsica

On board, your taste buds will be delighted daily by our personal chefs’ signature gourmet dishes. All meals are made using local produce.

A team of professionals accompany you during your tour

Let us be your guide while you marvel at the sumptuous Corsican landscapes! Our skippers will take you on an adventure to discover the most stunning places.

Relax, everything is being taken care of by our crew !

On the boat, you will spend your days relaxing and enjoying nautical activities such as snorkeling, fishing and kayaking.

During excursions, you will have the opportunity to swim at the most beautiful beaches in Corsica.

Enjoy a real taste of freedom aboard a luxury catamaran

Share unforgettable moments with family and friends aboard a top-of-the-range ship. Get ready for an extraordinary adventure during an exceptional cruise to the most popular Corsican spots.

The Marina Vela crew

Before you set sail, let us introduce you to our fantastic crew. Here are some descriptions of the people you will have the pleasure of meeting during your luxury catamaran tour around Corsica.



personal chef

With Guillaume, you are in for a treat ! As a foodie, he loves sharing his vision of gastronomy. Very creative, he always comes up with new culinary ideas. You have a favorite dish ? He will gladly make it for you! He might even add his own personal twist to it. He loves fresh produce and knows exactly how to pair them to bring out the most delectable flavors.




Philippe has been passionate about the sea and boats since childhood. He started sailing at the age of 15. By the age of 25, he had sailed on 20 to 32-meter sailing boats, as well as on several ships in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean sea. He is a true sea lover. He is certified High-Quality Whale-Watching® and is committed to protecting the environment. Indeed, his sailing techniques have a very small impact on marine life, including cetaceans and other animals in the Mediterranean.

He will welcome you warmly and with a big smile aboard his boat. He knows all the best spots on the Corsican coast, and he’s not afraid to share them! He will take you to the most stunning places, whatever cruise you choose.



personal chef

She knows exactly how to delight your taste buds during your catamaran rental in Corsica with Marina Vela. She masters the art of cooking to perfection. Let her do her thing in the kitchen! She’s got you covered from breakfast to dinner, using only fresh and local produce.




This Corsican native of Ajaccio is also a lover of the sea. Initially engaged in the French Navy, he joined the Marina Vela team in 2017. Alexandre has also been at the helm of numerous catamarans in Corsica and the West Indies. Wishing to commit himself to protecting the environment of the Pelagos Sanctuary, this sailing enthusiast has the High- Quality Whale-Watching® eco-certification. 

He is thus committed to behaving in an ecologically responsible manner, in order to ensure the tranquillity of the cetaceans. Among other things, he loves the coastal landscape of the island of Beauty. With him, however, you are not safe from surprises. He knows the creeks and must-see places like the back of his hand !