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Embark on a journey on one of our luxury catamarans for an unforgettable cruise along the French Riviera, Corsica or Sardinia. Sail peacefully, accompanied by an experienced crew including a skipper who will take you to the most heavenly spots. You might even see some cetaceans !

During the day, take a break from sailing to do some snorkeling and enjoy the stunning seabed. Committed to protecting Mediterranean wildlife, Marine Vela shares on this blog all the tips and secrets to safe sailing and going out to sea without forgetting anything.

Les raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez optez pour la vie à bord d’un catamaran. Au sommaire : La vie à bord d’un catamaran est une expérience exceptionnelle, une aventure en

Follow our advice before your departure for a successful catamaran cruise. In summary: Going on a catamaran cruise in Corsica is a unique experience that will allow you to discover

Owning a catamaran in Corsica or in the French Riviera : what are the benefits? Table of contents: Finance your own sailing boat in Corsica or the French Riviera Owning

Posidonia: a Mediterranean gem Posidonia isn’t a paradise island from a James Cook novel. It is a marine flowering plant that can be found in the heart of crystal-clear water.

Discover some great content, including travel ideas and touristic itineraries along the coast of the French Riviera and the Isle of Beauty. Go for an adventure on Sardinia beaches and be amazed by stunning sunsets. Our roadmaps take you to :

  • Corsica ;
  • Sardinia ;
  • The most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean ;
  • Little creeks in the middle of the wilderness ;
  • Stunning beaches in Corsica and Sardinia ;
  • Unsuspected places on the French Riviera ;
  • The most beautiful spots to dive in Corsica, Sardinia and the French Riviera ;
  • Etc.

And so much more! Are you getting married soon and are looking to make this moment unforgettable ? Take your partner and guests on a luxury catamaran to celebrate your union! Make other important events unique, such as :

  • A bachelor or bachelorette party ;
  • A corporate team building event ;
  • An unusual weekend to amaze your family ;
  • Etc.

Sailing is your dream. Sailing away and feeling the fresh marine air on your face can become a reality. To do so, the members of our team share all of their secrets to plan a perfect day on a catamaran or to find the best anchoring spot, and to make sure you have everything you need before leaving on a catamaran trip, and also :

  • To learn more about being onboard a catamaran ;
  • To get familiar with safety at sea ;
  • To go on a cruise with kids ;
  • To become a catamaran owner in Corsica or in the French Riviera ;
  • To know the safety instructions ;
  • To learn more about supplying ;
  • Etc.

How to cook on a boat ? What recipe to make ? What did our chef on the catamaran make for you ? Our articles are about all the tips and recipes to try out during your cruises.

Marine Vela was founded by 2 sea lovers committed to promoting green tourism and protecting biodiversity. Their commitment with Greg Lecoeur, underwater photographer, and their partnership give you the opportunity to get close to the legendary Pélagos Sanctuary, a place that many species of marine animals call home.

You will get to see :

  • The consequences of cities litter on the oceans and the seas ;
  • The eco-gestures to have on sea ;
  • Mediterranean treasures, such as Posidonia ;
  • Etc.

Finally, stay informed on our latest events, on our cruises and on our partnerships !

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