Owning a catamaran in Corsica or in the French Riviera : what are the benefits?

Table of contents:

  1. Finance your own sailing boat in Corsica or the French Riviera
  2. Owning a catamaran in Corsica without stress
  3. Exceptional destinations in the Mediterranean Sea
  4. Sail on your own yacht with no restraint

Really ? Are you dreaming about owning a catamaran in Corsica or in the French Riviera ? We can easily understand! The benefits are endless. Learn more about our yacht management-rental services with Marine Vela. Enjoy the many perks that this attractive option offers and sail on the Mediterranean Sea, whenever you feel like it.

Finance your own sailing boat in Corsica or the French Riviera

Are you ready to buy a catamaran and sail around the coast of Corsica on your days off?

A profitable renting investment in Corsica or the Mediterranean

Buy your boat and leave the rental management to Marine Vela. It is a great way of owning a catamaran in Corsica or in the French Riviera. When you are not using it, our team rents it out for you. 

You will get significant rent income as soon as your boat leaves for a cruise. You will be able to repay your potential loan and make your investment easily profitable. 

Finding the right sailboat with the help of our experts’ tips

Marine Vela was created by two sailing lovers that have been exploring the seas for over 15 years. So, when it comes to investing in a boat, we know what we are talking about.

We have been working in the sailing industry for a long time. Whether you want to buy a new or a pre-owned boat, we will guide you to make the right decision for you. We can find the luxury sailing boat according to your needs.

Luxury boats for sale

Our team also offers high-performance yachts for sale, such as:

Each one of these luxury ships can comfortably accommodate 6 to 12 people. The indoor space is very cozy and elegant. Each sailing boat has top-of-the-range equipment, such as:

  • Air conditioning ;
  • A generator ;
  • Speakers ;
  • Etc.

Each boat for sale was also designed to minimize environmental impact:

  • Waste water tank
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Desalinating seawater
  • Solar panels
  • Etc.

Rocked by the waves, you can relax as long as you want on the rear deck of your high-end catamaran. You will have the luxury of waking up to a beautiful coastal view every morning.


Are you already a sailing boat owner in the French Riviera or in Corsica? Let us take care of its maintenance and renting. Use your boat whenever you feel like it and enjoy great moments.

Owning a catamaran in Corsica without stress

Delegate your catamaran’s management. With our rental management options, all you have to do is hand over your boat to us. We will take care of everything, including:

  • Finding a parking spot in a Mediterranean port (Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, Antibes or Hyères)
  • Finding boat insurance.
  • Taking care of its maintenance when you are away.
  • Renting your yacht when you don’t need it.

Then, we will make a personalized contract with you, right after you let us know when you are planning on taking the boat out to sea.

That way, your catamaran is always ready to go. And you will be able to enjoy a luxury cruise on a catamaran without having to deal with maintenance.

Exceptional destinations in the Mediterranean Sea

Buying a sailing boat with Marine Vela is the guarantee to enjoy dreamy vacations at sea for many years.

Each itinerary at sea is breathtaking:

  • You will depart from Ajaccio and set sail for the northern or southern part of Corsica. You won’t get tired of sailing around the Gulf of Girolata or the Gulf of Porto. From Ile-Rousse to Bonifacio, many beautiful gems are waiting for you.
  • Would you rather go to Sardinia? We get it! How to resist such beauty?
  • About the French Riviera, it is still an iconic destination which offers extraordinary maritime scenery.

Wherever you go in the Pélagos Sanctuary, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the landscapes. Moreover, as you will find out below, a professional crew will accompany you during each cruise on your yacht.

Sail on your own yacht with no restraint

Picture this: you just bought your own sailing boat and want to enjoy it as soon as possible.

A professional crew with you on your catamaran

Our crew is ready to accompany you during all of your getaways. You will enjoy all the services offered by our crew:

  • Alexandre or Philippe, the skippers, welcome you on your boat with a smile.
  • Julie or Guillaume will make your taste buds very happy with gourmet meals prepared with your favorite local produce. They will be able to make anything you’d like.

Our skipper will design a personalized itinerary for you. For a few days, he will take you to the dreamiest areas that you have probably never heard of before. Are you interested in sailing yourself? No problem, our 2 sailing experts will teach you the sailing basics.

Luxury services on your sailing ship

Tell us what you want, and we will make it happen:

  • Gourmet meals in stunning places ;
  • Fishing trip ;
  • Birthday celebration ;
  • Water activities ;
  • Etc.

Each one of your cruises on your boat is an opportunity to watch cetaceans the right way.

You can decide to sail with Greg Lecoeur onboard. This underwater photographer knows every marine animal. He has been freediving and taking stunning underwater photos of marine fauna for years. We are committed to working with him. We go on naturalist expeditions with him in order to preserve the marine environment.

What are you waiting for? Owning a catamaran in Corsica or in the French Riviera is within your reach! Come and join our many boat owners. Trust Marine Vela to rent and to maintain your future boat.