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Marina Vela Services

Dreaming about a cruise around Corsica on a luxurious catamaran where comfort and relaxation have no limit ? Our team provides high-end services on our luxurious ships. Before you set sail, here’s a taste of the experiences we can provide.

A luxurious boat

Whether you choose the Liberté, the Éternité or the Sérénité, all of our ships have enough space to welcome you and your loved ones safely and very comfortably. 
Everyone on board will feel just like home. The aft deck offers a relaxing and shaded lounge area. Feeling too hot? A minibar and an ice machine are at your disposal for your refreshment. 
While you’re relaxing, let the skipper set sail for your next destination !
Each area on the boat is designed to provide privacy and comfort. Personal cabins on board offer a cool, air-conditioned space, whether it is to rest during the day or at night. Children have their own personal space on the upper deck. 
One thing is sure:  wherever you are on the boat, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking landscapes during your Corsica tour.


An amazing crew at your service

Our crew will stay as discreet as possible during your cruise, while working very hard on making your tour around Corsica and Sardinia absolutely perfect.
You want to enjoy an “apéritif” on the deck while your children are watching a movie ? Our team will make it happen and set up the home cinema. In the meantime, feel free to  enjoy a warm evening outside while listening to music through our outside speakers.
You want to organise a film session for your children while you have an aperitif on the deck of the yacht. Your hostess sets up the home cinema on board. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the warmth of the evening by listening to music through the outside speakers.

Eco-responsible services

Every Marine Vela catamaran and equipment is designed to be more eco-friendly.

  • Solar panels
  • Desalinating seawater
  • Biodegradable cleaning products
  • Waste water tank
  • Water activities that don’t use fuel

The crew onboard is trained in marine ecosystem conservation awareness. The sails are used as often as possible to restrict engine use, anchoring areas are carefully selected and sand bottoms are always our first choice in order to avoid damaging seagrass.

Personalized itineraries

Marine Vela offers personalized itineraries onboard our eco-friendly and luxury catamarans. If you don’t want to go with our premade itineraries, you can contact us to design your own catamaran cruise according to your preferences. It can last for up to 3 weeks! One of our crew members will reach out to you to discuss your wishes and find the perfect itinerary around Corsica, Sardinia or the French Riviera.

During the cruise, your skipper will also be able to adjust the itinerary at your request, weather permitting.

Contact us now to design your own personalized cruise!

Top quality gastronomy

A successful cruise in Corsica on a catamaran has to involve 4-star menus! Your personal chef will take care of all of your meals, from breakfast to dinner.
Whether you want to sip on a freshly squeezed juice, an alcoholic cocktail or if you need a snack for your little ones, we’ve got you covered! Our personal chef has the kitchen fully stocked with fresh local produce for you to enjoy throughout your journey. Gourmet and tasty meals will be served to you by the chef. If someone in your party has dietary restrictions, please let us know !


Is sunbathing on a trampoline all day long not your cup of tea? No worries! During your Corsica tour on a catamaran with a skipper, boredom is not an option. At Marina Vela, we believe nautical activities to be the best hobby !

During your cruise around Corsica on a catamaran, we offer activities including:

  • snorkeling with fins, a mask and a snorkel ;
  • ball games ;
  • sea fishing ;
  • tandem kayaking ;
  • wakeboarding ;
  • pull buoy ;
  • etc.

For your pleasure, our skippers always find the best locations to enjoy nautical activities. You will love it !