Buy a catamaran: Corsica or in the French Riviera

Luxury catamaran Corsica French Riviera: buy your own boat

Are you looking for a catamaran for sale in Corsica or in the French Riviera? Are you dreaming about sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, in the Pelagos Sanctuary and having an encounter with dolphins? Marine Vela helps you choose your perfect yacht and rents it out for you.

Buy a catamaran: Corisca or the French Riviera

Are you looking to invest in a pre-used Sérénité ship or in a new boat for 8 people? The Marine Vela crew helps you find the luxury catamaran you are looking for. Our skipper is at your disposal and sets sail in your boat. With him, you will explore some of the most dreamy spots in Sardinia, Corsica or the French Riviera.

Custom-made contracts for ship management and rental

Are you the owner of a pre-used catamaran or a new Lagoon boat in the Mediterranean Sea? Let us take care of your ship! We will:

   ● Find a safe parking spot in the port of Ajaccio or Antibes ;
   ● Get insurance for your boat ;
   ● Take care of its maintenance when you are away ;
   ● And more!

Thanks to our service, your ship will always be ready to sail. Once the boat is yours, let us take care of everything. Your investment will be profitable in no time!
Each management and rental contract is custom-made. All you have to do is let us know when you are planning to use your boat. In the remaining time, we will rent it out.
The days you spend at sea will be stress-free and all about fun!

Buying a catamaran in Corsica or in the French Riviera has never been so simple! Call Marine Vela now. Our professional team finds, maintains and rents out the boat of your dreams.