For responsible tourism

Marina Vela catamarans for nature expeditions

At Marina Vela we know the importance of preserving the environment of our island of
Beauty and marine animals.

This is why we decided to accompany Greg Lecœur in his explorations. From September 2022, Marina Vela catamarans such as the Liberté or the Eternité will set sail with the Pélagos Expedition teams on board. The program of these naturalist expeditions off Corsica concerns the exploration of benthic and pelagic marine species. In particular, it involves producing images and reports whose objective is both to:

Marvel to know more
about these animal species

So, follow us, it promises beautiful images in perspective!

FREE as a welcome!

Discover on board our catamarans, the latest illustrated work
of photographer Greg Le Cœur in his naturalistic explorations.

Published in 2020, 184 pages. As close as possible to the icebergs, in extreme weather conditions, they document an exceptional underwater fauna: whales, penguins, sea lions, seals… with the ultimate quest of meeting the lord of the place: the leopard seal.
With breathtaking images, Antarctica opens our minds to human adventure, the excitement of fulfilling one’s dreams, and the future of a precious ecosystem in peril.

Greg Lecœur:
the storyteller of the oceans

Greg Lecœur excels in the art of photographing seabed animals. The images he brings back from these expeditions tell moving stories that take place in still unknown places.

The adventure in the Mediterranean, meanwhile, allows you to explore a protected place with an exceptional fauna by Marina Vela catamaran:

Rays, turtles, seabirds, barracudas, groupers, moray eels

But also many small, very colorful creatures such as nudibranchs.
Do you know Greg Lecoeur? This native of Nice has been in love with marine biodiversity since his earliest childhood.

Its history in brief

He first explored the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea in apnea, before devoting himself to scuba diving. He then began to take his first photos in the Baie des Anges, the playground of his childhood.
After leading a career as an entrepreneur for ten years, Greg Lecœur returns to his first love. He decides to travel the underwater territories of the world with his camera. From the tropics to the Antarctic, he does not hesitate to dive to discover the different marine ecosystems and to meet different species.
Upon his return, his photographic style was an undeniable success. He collaborates with prestigious international magazines, joins the National Geographic Image Collection photographic agency and is awarded Nature Photographer of the Year by National Geographic in 2016.

Actions to
preserve the marine

This virtuoso of shots at sea is now involved in protecting the environment of the seas. His camera now serves as his main tool to share his knowledge of the aquatic environment with as many people as possible.

The Mediterranean has always been a magical place for Greg Lecœur. Its ecosystem is however still little known. This is the reason why he decided to explore the seabed of the Pelagos Sanctuary to make us discover the rich biodiversity of the Mediterranean.


Introduce to a wide audience the splendor of the seabed for their protection


Show the fragility of this ecosystem


Explain the right gestures to protect the marine environment.

The Pelagos Expeditions
by Greg Lecœur

By exploring with a new look Mare Nostrum between France, the Principality of Monaco and Italy, Greg Lecœur wants us to rediscover the richness and fragility of the Mediterranean seabed in a new light.

The program aims to:

Improving knowledge and promoting biodiversity in the Mediterranean

Promote the existence of the Pelagos Sanctuary
and protection of marine mammals

Raising public awareness of the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea
Raising awareness for a sustainable future

it must be said that the Mediterranean Sea is the victim of anthropogenic pressures such as:

shipping, pollution, overfishing

explorations on the outskirts of Corsica are notably planned.