7 best family boat trip destinations


  1. The French Riviera and marine treasures
  2. Family cruise to “Iles d’Or” Islands
  3. Pélagos Sanctuary: whale watching with your family
  4. Family boat trip in 2022: north Corsica
  5. Family sailing trip on a catamaran in south Corsica
  6. Explore Sardinia by boat with your family
  7. Cruise in Greece: the Lesser Cyclades

Where to go during a family boat trip in 2022? Go on an exceptional adventure with your loved ones in complete safety. These 7 destinations on the Mediterranean Sea offer beautiful landscapes and are places that will make your vacations unforgettable. Turn your next trip into a dreamy experience spent with your family by choosing a private catamaran with Marine Vela. You will come back with lifelong memories and amazing pictures.

1. The French Riviera and marine treasures

Sailing along the French Riviera is the perfect way to spend a relaxing and unbelievable vacation. Here’s what’s waiting for you during your sailing trip.

Nature reserves

If you love the wilderness, the Phocean city and the coast of the Var region are full of gems that you will be able to explore during your cruise. The many underwater reserves and nature parks in the area will give your family the opportunity to enjoy nautical activities, to fish and to sightsee. You will spend a wonderful week swimming, walking around the wilderness and enjoying guided tours.

îles de Lérins

Green tourism

An environmental Charter of Excellence is rigorously applied by our skippers in order to keep your trip as green as possible. On board, our team raises awareness of sea biodiversity conservation. You and your loved ones will be able to share encounters with soft corals and groupers in the Riou Archipelago. Go for an adventure and be amazed at the sight of dolphins that you might spot during your sailing trip to the Cap Sicié. Sailing around this area is restricted for most people, but not for us, thanks to our commitment to the Pélagos expeditions.

Water activities during sensational vacations

You will get to explore many rocky inlets during your trip, including the ones in Cassis, a true Mediterranean gem. During your stay on your luxury catamaran and during layovers, you will be able to enjoy:

  • Water sports and activities (snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, etc.)
  • Hikes on the coast;
  • Fishing off the coast of La Madrague;
  • Delicious meals that might include fish you just caught, freshly cooked by your private chef onboard!

You can choose the duration and the itinerary of your sea adventures depending on your preferences. The journey back to Marseille will include many stops on wild beaches along the coast to enjoy some swimming. When you get to the city, you will be able to try the famous fish soup “Bouillabaisse” during a last family meal.

2. Family cruise to “Iles d’Or” Islands

Porquerolles, Port-Cros and le Levant are truly stunning. It is time for you to board Marine Vela’s luxury catamaran to enjoy a tailor-made cruise with your family. Keep your eyes wide open!

Our top-of-the-range ships, Sérénité, Liberté and Éternité, offer high-quality benefits:

  • An “à la carte” organization to make your vacation a big success thanks to the convenience of our luxury boats;
  • You will embark in Hyères, where a skipper and a private chef will welcome you onboard and will be dedicated in making your cruise a success.
  • Anchorage after anchorage, you will be able to share active or relaxing moments with your children, on land or in crystal-clear water.
  • You will end each day admiring the sunset, your heart full of beautiful memories.

This is what your cruise with Marine Vela will be like!

3. Pélagos Sanctuary: whale watching with your family

If you are raising little explorers, you just can’t miss watching the cetaceans as a family!

Pélagos Sanctuary: an exceptional spot

As a vast maritime zone between France, Monaco and Italy, the Pélagos Sanctuary is a conservation area for marine mammals. From there, you can watch the abundant marine biodiversity and even spot whales, dolphins or humpback whales. Approaching them is strongly regulated.

Whale watching on a catamaran

A team of professionals will share their passion for marine mammals with you, in the heart of the Pélagos Sanctuary. Get ready, because this excursion with our partners at the Pélagos Sanctuary will be full of emotions! You will be accompanied by a guide who knows the area like the back of his hand!

To get there, you will depart from the port every morning to watch cetaceans, after learning how not to disturb them thanks to a Code of Good Practice.

This is a unique experience that will stay in your family’s memories for years. To help you remember this moment, you will leave with a signed copy of diving photographer Greg Lecoeur’s photography book.

Tip: we recommend wearing a bucket hat with strings during this excursion. It is very 

windy on the deck!

4. Family boat trip in 2022: north Corsica

The Isle of Beauty is loved by people of all ages. The magical landscapes of Corsica will make your cruise enchanting.

Departing from Ajaccio, you will explore the coast and many stunning beaches. Intense moments await you and your family while you walk around historical villages such as Cargèse, or explore Scandola nature reserve.

After a guided tour of Calvi, many heavenly spots can be enjoyed:

  • Ficajola Beach;
  • Porto, the county town of the Gulf of Porto;
  • The stunning rocky inlets of Piana;
  • Or the Figari cove.

Your days will be filled with relaxation, exploration or physical activities in the middle of volcanic rocks and the wilderness!

Your children will have unique experiences, away from the tourist crowds. The light and colors of Corsica will make your boat trip magical in complete safety thanks to your skipper that will be there to guide you.

5. Family sailing vacation on a catamaran in south Corsica

During your cruise in south Corsica, you will become one with nature. Let our crew guide you on board our luxury and eco-responsible catamaran departing from Ajaccio. It is time for you to disconnect and live in the moment with your family. Our team will take care of everything! From the Isolella Peninsula to Bonifacio, you will get to see the most beautiful coastal places in Corsica.

Your Itinerary will be designed according to your wishes. You can combine games, parties and exploration! The anchoring spots are carefully chosen to optimize your trip. Live your life to its fullest and in optimal conditions with your family!

One thing is for sure, you won’t be bored during your cruise:

  • Are you an adventure lover? We can organize a scavenger hunt on a heavenly beach, involving a message in a bottle!
  • Or you can take advantage of being close to historic cities to sightsee: for example, you can tour Napoléon’s house and the Ajaccio citadel.

Many hikes are available along the granite coast.

6. Explore Sardinia by boat with your family

Let your children pretend to be pirates! Sardinia and its blue water is the perfect place for their adventures. Departing from Ajaccio, our catamaran and skipper will be waiting to take you on an exploration along the northern part of the Italian island. Be ready for a complete change of scenery during your cruise in Sardinia.

You will explore:

  • Poltu Quatu, a former pirate haven;
  • The most prestigious marinas, such as Porto Cervo and Rotondo;
  • Maddalena Archipelago, including Caprera Island, which is filled with peaceful creeks and wild beaches.

Sardinia’s culture and cuisine are absolutely charming. It is the perfect place to enjoy a family meal. Don’t forget to try Malloreddus, a dish made with sardinian sausages and Pecorino cheese made from sheep milk. It is delicious!

7. Cruise in Greece: the Lesser Cyclades

Greece is a popular destination among sailing lovers. Situated in the south-eastern part of the Aegean Sea, the Lesser Cyclades are getting more and more popular for their authenticity.

Each of the four islands is filled with stunning landscapes. You and your family will get to know more about Ancient Greek culture thanks to the colors, traditions and strong constitution of this place. 

Every day, you will sail to beaches, magical bays and fishing villages where you can enjoy lively evenings, as well as healthy and traditional cuisine. You can even end your night by doing a few steps of sirtaki!

You will get to discover:

  • Iraklia Islands and Skinoussa, with their beautiful dry landscapes and revitalizing atmosphere. It is also a great place to eat as a family.
  • Donoussa, a safe haven.
  • Our personal favorites, Koufonissia Beaches, which are simply gorgeous, although a little crowded. 

They can all be visited by foot. It is time to enjoy a slower way of life, a prevailing lifestyle in this area on the Aegean Sea. An amazing vacation awaits you!

Having a family boat trip in 2022 with Marine Vela is a safe choice to spend a successful vacation. Our catamaran cruises offer luxury packages tailored to your family’s plan. Sailing times are short and anchoring spots are chosen to offer many discovery and pleasure opportunities. Our commitment to green tourism is a guarantee that our activities preserve the environment. Design your own cruise, and everything will be done to optimize your trip, assure your safety and give you tranquility. Leave on a boat with Marine Vela to make life-long memories. Don’t wait any longer!