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Catamaran cruise along the French Riviera

Going from Marseille to the Italian border, the French Riviera offers a wide diversity of landscapes. And it looks even more beautiful from the sea! Marine Vela offers many tours on luxury catamarans starting from Marseille, Hyères or St Tropez. The French coast is filled with nature reserves and national parks which offer perfect scenery for snorkeling. Sailing on the French Riviera will also give you the opportunity to see marine mammals in their natural habitat in the Pelagos Sanctuary and even catch some fish. Join us on one of our tours!

From Marseille to Toulon, 1-week itinerary

Explore the French coast in a week onboard one of our luxury catamarans. Departing from Marseille, you will head east and set sail for the Giens peninsula. During your cruise with Marine Vela, you will explore many islands surrounding Marseille, the rocky inlets in Cassis, and the cities of Toulon and Giens. This tour is perfect if you are looking to see wild, protected areas in the French Riviera. Get more information about this itinerary below.

The “Iles d'Or” islands, 1-week itinerary

From the port of Hyères, situated close to the airport and easily accessible, you will set sail for the “golden islands” as well as the coast of the Var region, all the way to Saint Tropez. Many stops are planned in Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Giens and St Tropez Bay. Marine Vela selected the most beautiful spots for an unforgettable week-long cruise. The rocky creeks and their vibrant marine life will make snorkeling lovers happy. Many other nautical activities can be enjoyed in the clear blue water. This part of the French Riviera offers a wide variety of landscapes.

The French Riviera, 1-week itinerary

Marine Vela takes you on a tour around the most famous spots in the Mediterranean Sea. Starting from the gorgeous St Tropez Bay, you will head east all the way to Monaco. On the way, you will stop in the most iconic places on the French Riviera on a luxury catamaran, including Cannes, Nice, Antibes and St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Our 5-star service will allow you to completely relax and enjoy your trip. Come sail with us!

From Cannes to Hyères on a luxury catamaran

Start a luxury cruise on a catamaran with Marine Vela from the bay of Cannes. This area is full of surprises! Long beaches, deserted creeks, iconic places… Everybody will enjoy it! Our skippers know this area like the back of their hands and will adjust the itinerary at your request, depending on your preferences. Your personal chef will be on board with you to give you a taste of local produce.

During your stay, you will drop anchor in nature reserves with amazing marine wildlife, which make them perfect spots for snorkeling. Marine Vela catamarans also carry all the equipment and amenities you might need to have a good time on board and in the water.

From Marseille to Toulon, 4-day itinerary

Embark on a luxury catamaran for a 4-day cruise with Marine Vela. Your skipper will welcome you at the Old Port of Marseille before sailing east. You will get to explore Frioul Island and the rocky inlets, a perfect spot for snorkeling. You will also discover the creeks surrounding Bandol. Less touristy than the rocky inlets, you will be able to enjoy many water activities. Paddleboarding or wakeboarding, the decision is yours! Book your cruise now!

Iles d’or Islands, 4-day itinerary

Marine Vela takes you on a 4-day tour around Hyères and the surrounding islands. Porquerolles Island has some dreamy beaches, wild creeks and charming villages that will make your trip unforgettable. Port-Cros Island, a protected nature reserve, is a snorkelers’ paradise! Many types of fish of various sizes can be spotted there. You will also be able to explore the small harbor and its many restaurants. If you like nautical sports, La Badine Beach will be perfect for you! It is 4 km long and is, along with Almanarre Beach, the best spot for kitesurfing in the world. Ask us for the full itinerary!

The French Riviera, 4-day itinerary

Sail on a luxury catamaran for 4 days on the iconic vibrant blue water in the French Riviera. Leaving from St Tropez, you will explore the bay of Cannes and discover the Lérins Islands. This nature reserve is famous amongst millionaires and their yachts. Your skipper will find the perfect spot for you to enjoy nautical activities away from the crowds. You will also be able to explore Cannes and take a walk on the iconic “Croisette”.

From Marseille to Cassis, 2-day itinerary

Spend 2 days on a luxury catamaran for a cruise to remember! Departing from Marseille, you will head to Frioul Island, located right across from the Old Port. After a few hours there, you will set sail for the breathtaking rocky inlets in Cassis, a well-loved place amongst snorkelers. Your skipper will then head to Bandol and stop at a creek.

Iles d’Or Islands, 2-day itinerary

Your skipper will be waiting for you at the port of Hyères for a 2-day cruise around the beautiful Iles d’Or Islands. During this trip, you will mostly stop at creeks and beaches, including Porquerolles and Port-Cros.

Porquerolles Island has crystal clear blue water and is the perfect spot for nautical sports. Port-Cros, situated more to the east, is renowned for being a great snorkeling destination. You will be able to see the fish swimming in the clear water from the boat and probably won’t resist putting your mask on and diving in!

The French Riviera, 2-day itinerary

Set sail on your catamaran from the most iconic harbor on the French Riviera: St Tropez. Your skipper will then leave the bay of St Tropez to head to Cannes and the Lerins Islands. There, you will be able to enjoy snorkeling and other water activities such as paddle boarding, wakeboarding and jet skiing. Marine Vela will also provide all the equipment you might need. Your skipper will get you to Cannes in the evening to give you the opportunity to explore the famous city by night.

The French Riviera, personalized itinerary

Marine Vela helps you create your personalized itinerary to explore the French Riviera on a luxury catamaran. You can book your catamaran for just 1 day or as long as 3 weeks, and select the destinations you want to explore. To start making your own itinerary, contact us now! A member of our team will help you create your dream cruise according to your preferences. Contact Marine Vela now!