From Marseille to Toulon

From Marseille to Toulon, 1-week itinerary

Explore the French coast in a week onboard one of our luxury catamarans. Departing from Marseille, you will head east and set sail for the Giens peninsula. During your cruise with Marine Vela, you will explore many islands surrounding Marseille, the rocky inlets in Cassis, and the cities of Toulon and Giens. This tour is perfect if you are looking to see wild, protected areas in the French Riviera. Get more information about this itinerary below.

The French Riviera from the Sea

With Marine Vela, your catamaran cruise in the French Riviera will become one of your best memories! Our crew will be there to make all of your wishes come true. The beauty of the Mediterranean landscapes will leave you speechless. We are waiting for you in Antibes! Feel free to contact us if you need any more information, and book your next catamaran rental now!

1-week itinerary

Day 1: Departing from Marseille

Embark on your luxury catamaran in Marseille. Your skipper will give you a tour of the boat and tell you about your itinerary. You will then leave Marseille around 6:30 pm and head east to your first destination: Frioul Island, where you will be able to swim in the water.

Day 2: The Riou Archipelago

You will leave Frioul Island in the late morning and dock at the Riou Archipelago. Very wild, this nature reserve is a perfect spot for snorkeling as it is home to a very abundant marine wildlife. You will be able to see sea breams, groupers, gorgonians and fish capons. In the evening, your skipper will get you closer to the rocky inlet of Callelongue and you can enjoy a tasty dinner at the Grotte restaurant, a local favorite serving quality food made with only fresh and local ingredients.

Day 3: Heading to the rocky inlets in Cassis

For your third day onboard your Marine Vela catamaran, you will set sail for your next destination: the Calanques de Cassis. This Mediterranean gem is one of the most touristy spots in the area. However, because you will be coming from the sea, you will be able to access a less crowded part of the rocky inlets. As a nature reserve, this place has a stunning seabed. If you are into thrilling experiences, you will be able to cliff jump!

Day 4: Figuerolle rocky inlet

Less popular than the Calanques de Cassis, Figuerolle rocky inlet, situated close to La Ciotat, is just as spectacular. The ochre-coloured sandstones make this place very unique. As it is not a nature reserve, you will be able to enjoy water activities there, such as paddle boarding and wakeboarding.

Day 5: Giens and Madrague Beach

You will set sail for your next destination, Giens and Madrague Beach, in the early morning. During the 4-hour journey to get there, you will be able to do some trolling. This part of the sea is filled with many types of fish. You might even catch something! Your personal chef will gladly cook it for you. Madrague Beach is also a great place to fish from a boat. If you like snorkeling, we strongly advise you to explore the surrounding rocks. Many other water activities can be enjoyed as well.

Day 6: Heading to Cap Siicié

You will leave Madrague Beach in the morning to head to Cap Siicié. During the 2-hour journey, you might be able to spot some dolphins! You will make it to your destination around noon. This deserted and wild area is an exceptional spot. You will be able to watch the very abundant wildlife closely by snorkeling, or even do some fishing. If you are up to it, stairs will take you to the very top of the Cap, where you can admire ruins and a spectacular view. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Day 7: Back to Marseille

You will leave Cap Siicié in the morning to head back to Marseille. On the way, your skipper will take you to either the Port Pin or En-Vau rocky inlets for a last dip in the water. You will get to Marseille in the evening, around 6 or 7 pm. If you’d like, your skipper will gladly drop you off at Catalans Beach so you can have dinner at Fonfon’s. This iconic place is one of the only restaurants left to make a classic, high-quality Bouillabaisse.

Day 8: Check-out

After a quick check-out with your skipper, you will be able to leave the ship around 10 am. If you have some time left, do some sightseeing in Marseille to enjoy its rich culture and diversity. Do not miss the Panier neighborhood, the Saint-Jean Fort and the Mucem museum. If you liked your cruise, Marine Vela offers many other itineraries in Corsica and Sardinia lasting up to 3 weeks.

Les meilleurs mouillages au Nord Est de la Sardaigne

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La croisière en catamaran séduit de plus en plus les plaisanciers du monde entier. Outre ses nombreux attraits touristiques, les mouillages sont sûrs. À bord de nos voiliers de luxe, vous pourrez naviguer tranquillement sur les flots corses tout en admirant les paysages de l’île. Sur ses plages de sable fin, vous pourrez en profiter pour vous prélasser au soleil durant vos plus beaux jours de farniente. La location de catamaran Liberté vous assure une navigation à plat pour un confort à la hauteur de vos attentes avec ses 14ans d’expérience les équipe du liberté œuvrent pour vous offrir un séjour des plus agréable ; vous aurez droit à un service complet avec l’accompagnement d’un skipper professionnel pour vous orienter pendant votre croisière.
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