What are the things to know before you leave for a catamaran cruise?

Are you about to leave for a few days of freedom at sea on a sailing boat? Before you leave on a catamaran cruise, it is important to get everything ready. The Marine Vela team put together a packing list to help you enjoy your relaxing sailing trip. Let’s go!

Table of content:

  1. Going on a sailing boat: packing list
  2. Catamaran cruise: get everything ready for your Marine Vela adventure

1. Going on a sailing boat: packing list

Are you ready to board one of our catamarans? Here are the things to bring with you during your trip.

1.1. Packing for a sailing trip

Spending a few days on a catamaran requires having a few staple items.

Here’s a packing list with the things that you should not forget:

  • Your bathing suit ;
  • Your sunglasses ;
  • Your sunscreen ;
  • Lightweight pieces of clothing ;
  • A sweater to wear in the evening ;
  • A hat.

Flip flops aren’t your best friends onboard. But they will be very useful during excursions at the beach. On the catamaran, you can wear practical and comfortable shoes, or even stay barefoot. 

Before leaving on your catamaran trip, don’t forget to pack your hiking shoes.

With that being said, you have complete freedom on what to wear during your private parties on the rear deck of your luxury catamaran!

Good to know

Even if our catamarans are luxurious and spacious, we recommend bringing soft bags instead of hard suitcases. Soft bags wouldn’t take as much space in your cabin.

1.2. A minimalist first aid kit

Are you bringing your kids with you during your cruise? Don’t forget to bring band-aids to treat bites, cuts and scratches.

If you are undergoing medical treatment, don’t forget to pack your medicine when you are getting ready for your catamaran cruise.

When it comes to mosquitoes, there are usually very few onboard. But just in case, remember to bring some repellent.

1.3. Things you won’t need onboard

Leave work on land and forget about your computer! We know, it’s easier said than done… If needed, do not worry, we have a computer onboard the Sérénité, the Liberté and the Éternité.

You are about to have an exceptional experience on our boats. We can promise you that each day you spend onboard will be relaxing and unforgettable.

2. Catamaran cruise: get everything ready for your Marine Vela adventure

Are you sailing with Marine Vela? We planned a perfect itinerary for you. Everything is ready to welcome you and to take you to the most beautiful spots in the Isle of Beauty.

2.1 Review your itinerary

Take a break from packing your suitcase to review your Corsica, Sardinia or French Riviera cruise itinerary. Of course, we can adapt your itinerary according to your wishes. So, don’t be afraid to share them with us! If you can sail, the captain Philippe can let you take the helm, weather permitting.

Philippe or Alexandre are deeply committed to marine environment conservation. They can tell you all about marine biodiversity. 

During these few days, you can also enjoy nautical activities. Don’t worry, we have everything you need onboard. We’ve got you covered!

To meet our crew before the big day, go to this page.

2.2. Communicate with the crew

If one of your family members has a food allergy or any other important issue, share them with us. A few days before the trip, we will send you a list of preferences where you will be able to indicate the foods to avoid.

When it comes to food, our chefs can adjust their menus according to your requests. In any case, they will make delicious gourmet meals.

2.3. Remind your kids of security rules onboard

If you are going on a Corsica, Sardinia or French Riviera cruise, your skipper will share security rules with you when he welcomes you onboard. But don’t forget to talk to your little ones about the trip beforehand. This is all you have to do before your catamaran cruise. Now, it is time to dream about what your next trip will be like!

You now know everything on how to get ready for your adventure on a catamaran. If you are reading this article, it is most likely because you are about to join us onboard one of our luxury sailing boats. Once your bag is packed, relax and trust us. We will make sure that you have a wonderful experience!